It’s a good thing I am not a professional blogger

So I sort of suck at this…. I started the blog so that I could help track my healing progress and you know venting about random shit that I feel needs to be vented about and other random crap. Unfortunately I get sidetracked easily and then second guess myself. I have two drafts sitting there waiting to be completed and posted but they probably never will… I suck at this. I’ve always sucked at keeping a journal so it really comes to no surprise to me that I can’t keep this up. Thank goodness I only have 5 of you following me! But I will try to become more active here and keep you filled with the random nothingness that is my life… 

So here goes for tonight… my ex is in jail because he is a huge douche… more on that later but for now he has court on the 29th of this month and I am starting to freak out a little. If he gets his way he gets out on the 29th. If it goes the way I am hoping he is in until October… either way I have therapy scheduled for the 30th. 

My ex is an addict. He’s addicted to pain meds, meth, cocaine, and being an overall asshat. I put up with him for more than two years before I finally left him and had him arrested for pawning my laptop (which I am typing from now). He got out and was put on probation, a stipulation of his probation was no contact with me and in order to see our son he had to go through a mediator. He never did those things and he constantly contacted me. I reported it every time like I was supposed but nothing really came of it. I then heard from a former mutual friend that he had stolen a gun and was on the loose so to speak. And because local law enforcement sometimes sucks big monkey balls they couldn’t do anything to help me… Any how eventually dumb ass got high and broke into someone’s house and was arrested. Luckily for me on the same day he got arrested for that the warrant for his probation violation (ie. contacting me) was created. He was sentenced to 60 days for the breaking and entering. Those are up on the 29th and he has court that day for the probation violation and I freaking out on the inside! 

I know everything will be ok and that the kids and I are safe but there is always that part of me that worries. Our justice system is crap sometimes… I’ve been on the receiving end of it before. Sorry to whine at you all… but thanks for listening… 



2 thoughts on “It’s a good thing I am not a professional blogger

  1. All my love, darling. I learned early on that one can’t trust the law entirely – we were being robbed, called it in while it was in progress, and didn’t see a response for a week. Any road, I wish you the best, and hope that things turn out for you and yours.

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