Body complexes and other life depressions

Hey ya’ll I’m in a really down period right now… 

I’m in a weird transition period in life that is totally kicking my ass. I am in the weight loss stage where you stop seeing results even though you know you are losing and thus causing you to believe you are never going to lose weight again. And I am in an even more difficult transition in regards to my love life. I am going to just wanting casual sex with no attachments to wanting to actually go on a date and hold someone’s hand and be told I’m pretty. 

Now the complicated thing with the relationship transition is that I really like a guy that I have been having casual sex with and when we are together it’s not just sex. I go over and we sit on the couch and cuddle and talk before getting down to it. And it is the MOST extraordinary sex of my life! It is intimate and sensual and he makes me feel sooo sexy. Now he and I have had an understanding that us being an actual couple could never happen because we just aren’t in the same places in life and I don’t think we will ever be but that doesn’t stop him from doing boyfriend like things and confusing me. My best friend advised me to stop seeing him but I can’t bring myself to do that because when I am with him I am so content (and again best sex of my life). 

Any how this isn’t going to be a long post just a “I’m lost and confused” post… thanks for listening


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