I’m not good at Blogging

I started this blog hoping to help guide me through the rough spots of motherhood, dieting, and sanity. I clearly found none of those things. I started a second blog that was supposed to be about being single and then I went and won me the first place prize in perfect men so that went out the window… I still post from time to time about how wonderful he is and the sometimes trials we have. I’ve returned to this blog with my journal.

I’ve started a journal to maybe help keep me on track with my exercising, eating, relationship, and life in general. I clearly won’t be posting everything I write but I will start with day one and with luck I will get better at this blogging thing. (I now have a home with internet so maybe just maybe it will be easier)

Day 1 February 23rd

I’m just emerging from a depression whole and I thought writing things out might help. This particular journal has been in my life since 2005. Nine years later, here I am still the worst journaler ever. Oh well! I’m going to attempt to use this for an exercise/eating/emotional journal. Those are the three E’s that are very prominent in my life. 

I was doing really well with the working out every morning but then I lost it. I have an early morning meeting tomorrow so I am going to get my workout in tonight. My food intake has been awful as well but it’s time to change that too.

I’ve got to get myself out of this depression.  Only I can do it. I control my emotions. So it’s time to take it back! I’m taking my mind, body, and soul back tonight!!

Every time I journal I’m going to write 3 things I love about myself.

1. My hair. It’s healthy and beautiful.
2. You are strong enough to forgive.
3. You love with all that you have.

24 squats
10 pushups
60 crunches
90 second plank

I don’t own a scale and I don’t know if I want to but I will find a way to track my progress. I don’t want to be skinny. I want to be fit. I want to be healthy. My last weigh in was *** (you don’t get to know this). I don’t like that number at all. I’m going to change it. I’m going to surprise myself and everyone else!!!



2 thoughts on “I’m not good at Blogging

  1. Thisis a good idea. Gabe and I are struggling with being healthy right now, too. I’m going to look to you for inspiration so you should probably get better at blogging. 😀
    Also, I thought it was inches that counted, not weight?

    • Then I suppose I will save money by purchasing a measuring tape instead of a scale!!!! Thanks for solving that problem for me.

      I will certainly try to be better for you! And just for your comment I will make a second post tonight!

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