Day 3

February 25th

My eating was less horrendous today and my water intake was much better. Still had a soda today and a bowl of cereal this evening. i bought some slimquick tonight and I will start it in the morning. I’m hoping it gives me the energy I need.

It’s seems like I just can’t get enough sleep lately. I will get up in the morning and work out! I must!!!

I can see changes and I think it’s from the wraps and the now working out. If I had been working out when I started them, there would be better results. I’m sure.

I’m excited for the next few months of life. Getting to see T will make everything so much better. I miss that man like crazy. I love him too. More than I have ever loved someone. He’s my other half. We just fit perfectly together.

1. Your willingness to help others.
2. You are a good mother.
3. You are a good daughter and sister.

60 crunches
1.5 minute plank

Tomorrow is a new day! Let’s kick it’s ass!!!

(I will note that day four was not a good one and I kicked no ass. I’m having trouble finding a groove. And now that the time change has happened it’s much worse but alas I will make it!!!) 


3 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. If I were you (meaning, here’s what I do because I am very lazy and am trying to suck you down with me), I’d wait til you catch up with the time change. The later-in-the-day light is bound to make you feel more energetic, more I-want-to-be-outside-doing-something, in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, keep drinking more water, remember to do stretches throughout the day, and think about what you can do with your kids in the yard when you get home from work! (Ok, I don’t have kids, but I am doing those other things right now because getting up to exercise is NOT going to happen when it’s still dark at 6 am)

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