Day… well, I don’t know what day I should be on

Clearly I’m well past day 3 and guess what? I totally gave up! Not surprising really. I was going through a lot mentally and when that happens to me I just sort of shut down. As most of us do. I’m not giving up though, I have a goal in mind. My birthday is in August and I want to weigh in at 200lbs (or less) by my birthday. That gives me 29 pounds to lose. (if you are smart, you just learned how much I weigh)

I purchased a stationary bike for my little apartment. I’m a single mom so finding time and energy to get to the gym is hard. My solution is bringing the gym to me. I can hop on it whenever and ride a mile in ten minutes. I’ve started purchasing more fruit and less crap at the grocery store. When the weather here decides what it wants to do I am going to start taking the kids for an evening walk after dinner to a park that is only 3 blocks away. There is also a page on Facebook dedicated to finding lost/found pets in my area and they have asked my to help them promote a “dog of the week” by walking a dog from our local shelter.

My goal is to make a lifestyle change. I don’t just want to lose weight. I want to teach my children how to be healthy by eating right and having an active life. I know that I will never be skinny. My body is not built for skinny and quite frankly, I love my curves. I simply want to teach my kids to love their bodies and treat them right.

I’ll never be an extreme dieter. I don’t have that type of self control. It’s been hard enough giving up soda. I could never give up sugar all together. I know my body though, I know what it needs, what it wants, when it hurts, when I’m being lazy. I know I have it in me to meet my goal and probably exceed it, it’s simply time to put in the effort.

I have lost three pounds in the last week by simply going through a break up and being depressed and not eating. That is not a healthy way to lose weight and not the way I want to continue to do this. My body wants to move and my mind appreciates the time to clear itself while I move.

I’m going to be a better me, a better mom, a better friend, and overall a better person. And you get to come along for the ride!


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