Sometimes love is a metal pig

My last post was about letting go and it was roughly 10 months ago.

Want to know where I am now?

I’m madly and really in love with someone. This man cherishes my crazy. He supports my weird. He encourages my dreams. He holds me when it’s too much to handle. He’s better than I ever imagined him to be. He’s not the man I was trying so hard to let go of in my last post. He is someone so much more than that.

I’ve known this man for nearly two years. He’s been my boyfriend (which truly seems like a silly word) for almost 9 months. Now, I know that doesn’t seem like a long time to be together but I don’t really care.

He’s my best friend. He was my friend before he was my boyfriend and I think that helps us. I tell him everything.

In the last ten months I have been battling my own body because it decided to have some strange health issues. I have gained 20 pounds due to medications and depression. You know what? He’s stood by me this whole time. He’s gone to doctor appointments with me. He’s held me while I cried in defeat. He’s hugged me while I threw a steroid induced temper tantrum and shouted at him for no real reason. He has taught me that love isn’t always grand romantic gestures.

Sometimes love is just being there. Sometimes love is saying “yes, you’re being crazy but I love you.” Sometimes love is spur of the moment date nights. Often love is cuddling on the couch after dinner with the kids and knowing there is no where I would rather be.

And best of all, sometimes love is a metal flying pig and a metal cat that he saw and thought of you.


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