I like to take long breaks from blogging because I am an incredible slacker. Well, the truth is I am an incredibly busy woman. I am a mother of three (I have acquired a 15 year old daughter), I am a part-time student, I am a mostly full-time employee, I am a fibromyalgia sufferer, I am daughter, a friend, and a wife. Ok, so maybe I am not technically a wife but I do have a ring.

That’s right! I received a ring for Christmas. It is NOT an engagement ring but an “I’ll love you forever” ring. I don’t expect anyone to truly understand it’s meaning because our relationship is very different but this ring means the world to me. I have found and fallen for my best friend. Typing that out I giggled and smiled because I know just how true it is. We recently had an argument, which RARELY happens, afterward when we were making up we had this conversation…

Him: You know I love the shit out of you, right?
Me: I do. I don’t know why you love me but I know that you do.
Him: I don’t know what I would do without you.
Me: (still upset from the fight) You would be fine. You lived without me just fine before we started dating.
Him: But I was only half of me without you.

Now, I realize this may sound like the cheesiest of cheesy lines but coming from this man it is more than sincere. He isn’t one to dish out compliments frequently, or to use romantic lines. When he says something complimentary or romantic he means it. I, of course, turn into a ball of mush. He and I have already been through some trials but we never really have fights. Sure, we may disagree and argue but never to a degree that I would consider a fight. In our almost two years we have had maybe three fights and they always end with the conflict mostly resolved and with us exchanging I love yous. We never go to bed angry at each other. We never hang up on one another. We are in an actual adult relationship.

And did I mention what an incredible father he is? Not just to his daughter but to my two kids. Really we became a whole family when we moved in together. We have three kids. It has never been HIS kid and MY kids. It has always been OUR children. He is a very proud father. He calls and talks to the kids when he is out of town. He talks to each and every one of them. He plans dates with the girls and man days with our son. He is pure perfection in my eyes.

I have found my happiness. I wake up knowing I share my life with this amazing person. This is what happy is.



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