I like to take long breaks from blogging because I am an incredible slacker. Well, the truth is I am an incredibly busy woman. I am a mother of three (I have acquired a 15 year old daughter), I am a part-time student, I am a mostly full-time employee, I am a fibromyalgia sufferer, I […]

Sometimes love is a metal pig

My last post was about letting go and it was roughly 10 months ago. Want to know where I am now? I’m madly and really in love with someone. This man cherishes my crazy. He supports my weird. He encourages my dreams. He holds me when it’s too much to handle. He’s better than I […]

Step one…. Letting Go

Sorry to disappoint but I am not talking about the sensational song from Frozen. I also apologize for being a *little* drunk. I wrote an email (earlier before the drinking started) that should be life changing. I want to share it here because… well, because this is my blog and I can. I’m working on […]

Holding on… to what?

I can’t focus on a damn thing… we are broken up. We are not together. We have been for about a month now. I cannot get you out of my head. I cannot stop smelling you in passing. I cannot stop hearing you in my head. I cannot stop my heart from loving you. I […]

Day 3

February 25th My eating was less horrendous today and my water intake was much better. Still had a soda today and a bowl of cereal this evening. i bought some slimquick tonight and I will start it in the morning. I’m hoping it gives me the energy I need. It’s seems like I just can’t […]

I’m not good at Blogging

I started this blog hoping to help guide me through the rough spots of motherhood, dieting, and sanity. I clearly found none of those things. I started a second blog that was supposed to be about being single and then I went and won me the first place prize in perfect men so that went […]

Motherhood at its finest…

As I mentioned in my first post I am a single mother… I like to think I am quite good at single motherhood but today is not a good day. Today the kids are driving me f#$&ing crazy. Today I wonder if my New Year’s resolution should be no children. If I had a device […]